Thursday, May 14, 2009

Man Trap and Movies Rated "NP"

Help!! While I sit here and blog S is introducing Star Trek to our 5 year old E with an episode called "Man Trap". That is exactly what I feel like I'm in right now! I think "Man Dork Trap" would be more appropriate. E just asked what Vulcan was...I'm trying to block it out. He is also asking if they are aliens. S had this discussion with him earlier today trying to explain that alien does not only mean an outer being in space. It just means someone who is foreign. E told him that it isn't right and he is smarter than him or anyone else. We will have to show him S's next US immigration card where he checks the box for alien. I think E will be scared. Perhaps we can use this as a discipline tactic and tell him that if he doesn't stop whatever we are doing S will use his alien powers.

Anyway, this reminded me to write a post about my experience at the movies last weekend. I propose they come up with a new movie rating "NP" which stands for "No Point" and warn people before they waste $10 and 2 hours of their life. We watched Wolverine and this movie should have been given the NP rating. The movie had nothing positive that happened during it and it had absolutely no point. Not even the fact that Hugh Jackman and his au natural poto were in it made up for how bad the movie was (yes, it was THAT bad). It's not that I don't like those types of movies- I thought that Iron Man was great. I think I was the only chick in the movie "Transformers" and I loved it and thought it was one of the best movies EVER. I can't really chalk this up to the fact that I don't like "guy movies".

The worst movie I've ever seen is "There Will Be Blood" and this movie definitely deserves the NP rating. I was furious after watching that movie because it was so bad. It is a long movie and I kept watching it hoping that something was going to happen and it never did. In fact, it had a horrible ending.

As much as I am not a big sci-fi fan I think Star Trek would have been MUCH more enjoyable than Wolverine last weekend. If anyone else knows of movies that should be rated "NP" please let me know.


  1. Voice of decent here. I LOVED Wolverine. So did my chilean. :)

    Were you an Xmen movie fan?

  2. hehe- That is the question I keep getting asked. I didn't see the movie Xmen. S saw both and he still liked Wolverine. He called it a "mindless movie where I can turn my brain off and enjoy it". For me to enjoy a movie I like to see at least one positive thing happen and expect closure in the end. I feel in everyday life you don't get a lot of closure and for me a movie is a nice escape to experience closure in the end. It's not that I didn't like the premise of this movie- and I realize it is the first of many so they can't wrap everything up but thought they could have at least given us something. But it makes me feel better that someone else liked it- my $10 enabled someone else to enjoy :)

  3. either, but S. LOVES them. The only thing we can ever agree to watch together is Scrubs. Hence, we've seen every season like 10 times :)

  4. I haven't seen Wolverine or the X-Men movies so no comment on that...

    But I TOTALLY agree with you about There Will Be Blood. That movie made me angry it was so bad. And it was nominated for an OSCAR?!? And I think one of the actors won an Oscar. Can you believe it? Ugh. I HATED thave movie. Definitley rated an NP.